A G R E A T T R A N S F O R M A T I O N U N D E R W A Y & u p d a t e d s c o r e s

2nd of March 2023
We are excited to share some thrilling news with you, a recap of our latest accomplishment and updated scores and reviews. List of scores is downloadable below. Finally, a long process which started in 2016 has reached completion here at Tenuta Buon Tempo! After years of hard work and substantial investments we are proud to announce to have finished replacing the original barrels in the aging room. Inherited by the previous owners, the barrel room housed exclusively small 500 liters French oak barrels, which, since January 2023 have been fully replaced by large barrel or botte grande in Italian. These 35 and 20 hectoliters (924,6022/528,3441 gallons correspondingly) barrels are made entirely with oak sourced from sustainably managed forests (PEFC and FSC certified) located in Austria and Germany and, build upon request respectively by two cooperages Mittelberger and Klaus Pausha (https://www.mittelberger.bz.it/en ; https://www.klaus-pauscha.at/index_en.php). But why so excited about large barrels? In a nutshell: large barrels allow wine to age slower and longer, gifting the wine overall stability and age ability. Also, the Slavonian oak employed to build these barrels is much more neutral aromatically compared to French oak thus imparting great elegance to the wines. This is all great news for our wines, made from 100% Sangiovese grape. In fact, the Sangiovese grape is very delicate variety regarding flavor and aromatics meaning it needs to be handled with respect in order to for it to reach excellence; particularly if vinified to make Brunello di Montalcino, where the aging in oak barrels requirements are quite lengthy, minimum 2 years, in our case 3 years. In conclusion, we continue our mission to bring the best fruit into the cellar so that we can make as pure an expression of our terrior as possible. “With wine and hope, anything is possible” (a Spanish proverb) Best Regards, Filippo & team