P e o p l e

Per & Janet

They come from two opposite corners of the world, and they met halfway thanks to a passion they have in common: the art of making wine. This led to the ambitious project of Tenuta Buon Tempo, in which they immediately invested all their personal skills and expertise. Per is a wine lover and producer at a château in France, and Janet is an international wine trader with a highly developed artistic flair. The estate represents the realization of a dream: to make wine together, in a location of unique beauty.

Alberto Machetti

Alberto Machetti is the conductor of the orchestra. Grown up at the estate, he trained as an enologist but – given his predilection for figures – he now devotes himself to the commercial and accounting side of the business. He is the administrator of the estate and ensures that everything gels to perfection.

Filippo Bellini

Half Italian and half American, after studying enology he deepened his knowledge of the world of wine with various experiences abroad. Within the company, he looks after several wide-ranging areas: from production to hospitality, as well as the internal management of the company and the maintenance of the estate.

Marco Mannucci

“You need to have the skills” is the classic saying of Marco, vine-grower and cellarman at the estate. He divides his time between the winery and the vineyards, and you will often find him wandering around the estate, solving problems in a highly professional manner.

Stefano Fe

Marco’s right-hand-man: a skilled vigneron/handyman and a tireless worker. . He deals mainly with the management of the vineyards, but that’s not all: he’s always there to offer his help in any situation.

Fernando Fiore

You may hear him passing on his tractor, but if you try to catch a glimpse of him it’ll be too late! An outstanding tractor driver, he looks after all the work that has to be done in the vineyards and olive groves. Fernando is the only one who can circle around a penny on a tractor!


F i l o s o f i a

Respect for the terroir, for tradition, and for all the people involved within the company are the fundamental principles on which our work at Tenuta Buon Tempo is based. The vineyards are cultivated using organic practices, with the goal of achieving complete sustainability – which means combining economic efficiency and social solidarity with minimum impact on the environment – by 2030.